Sacred Heart Church wedding Grace and Kevin – West Shore Hilton February | 23 | 2009

This was a large, fun wedding with amazing friends and family on both sides. The reception entertainment was unlike any wedding I have been to. Phillippine dancers put on an amazing display. There were so many moments, substories, and happenings going on all day it was hard to keep up with everything. Almost 10 hours for me that just flew by. The image below is one of my new favorites.>

Grand Plaza Wedding St. Petersburg Beach Florida Melanie and Roy February | 17 | 2009

Nothing is more rewarding than sharing the day with a couple that is really connected and in love. The look in Roy’s eye said it all when Melaine walked down the isle. For a small moment in time there was no one else in the world but the two of them. The Grand Plaza is such a great location for a beach wedding I love the decor in the upstairs suites on the top floor. The reception room at the very top is a like an elegant and classy air traffic control tower with breathtaking views that overlook St. Petersburg Beach.