Sandpearl Resort Wedding, Clearwater Beach | Jennifer and Stephan March | 31 | 2013


Jennifer and Stephan met on cruise ship where Stephan was working. Of  and on the ship and a couple of chance meetings, one thing led to another and 75 close friends and family headed over to Clearwater to beach for an unforgettable wedding. A few favorites are below.

Sandpearlweddingphoto01 Sandpearlweddingphoto02 Sandpearlweddingphoto03 Sandpearlweddingphoto04

Sandpearlweddingphoto10Sandpearlweddingphoto05 Sandpearlweddingphoto06 Sandpearlweddingphoto07 Sandpearlweddingphoto08 Sandpearlweddingphoto09 Sandpearlweddingphoto11   Clearwater beach sunset wedding

Sandpearlweddingphoto14 Sandpearlweddingphoto15 Sandpearlweddingphoto16 Sandpearlweddingphoto17

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