"The night we returned from the Dominican, Doug and I were up so late looking at our slideshow over and over and over. I wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing our wedding pictures are! Our friends, family, people at work, pretty much anyone who crosses my path I show them the slideshow and they love all the pictures. Doug and I looked at your website so often before the wedding, imagining what shots we would get and we were floored by our own slideshow. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us." - Bethany & Doug

"My sister and my maid of honor thought they were happy with their wedding photos until they saw my album from Stephen. They were beside themselves with jealousy and had no idea what they could have had if they found Stephen."
- Dana and Robbie

"You seemed to be everywhere but yet nowhere. I just had no idea until after the entire event and looking at my photos that you were a person of such depth and sensitivity. To get so many moments that mean so much to me, my tears are the only way I can express my gratitude. You really made the day an even more special experience with your kinds words, humor, and talent." - Shannon & Ryan

"My expectations were so high and I can't believe you surpassed them. You are beyond awesome!!! Thank you for being the most incredible wedding photographer I could have ever asked for! not only are the pictures fantastic but you as a person made everything so smooth and easy and calm and i can't even express how grateful I am to you." - Fallyn & David

"Our pictures were AMAZING!!!!!! EVERYONE who has seen them--and we have shared them generously--says the same thing--"they are the best & most amazing wedding pictures they have ever seen" Thank you again for the beautiful pictures we have to compliment our wonderful memories of our wedding day." - Arlene & Jerry

"The pictures are breathtaking and your words were so kind. My words cannot do justice for the appreciation and gratitude I have for you. God was truly looking out for me and blessed me beyond belief when he allowed you to be my photographer. The way you captured my wedding is exactly how I have always wanted my wedding to be remembered. So many people have complimented your work and are just amazed. You are very talented and I hope to work with you as my family grows. I cannot thank you enough." - Kristy & David

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