Nicole & Joris Pass-a-Grille Beach FL Wedding December | 14 | 2008

Nicole and Joris are the real deal, you can “feel” the happy energy all around them. They are both extremely nice and not just pleasant nice but “heart of gold” type nice. Not one frown, one grimace, or show of stress, just positive energy all day. Friends and family were exactly the same. Nicole looked and always does I assume, beyond beautiful, every image, expression, turn of her head was pictue perfect all day. Joris and his crew were the first recent wedding I have shot where the guys had up to date style tuxes with the thinner inseam and shorter break on the pants, they were stylin’ and looked great. This was an ocean side wedding ceremony at Pass-a-Grille Pavillion directly on the beach. They privately secured the entire Black Palm Resturant just down the road for their reception. Oh yeah and the sunset was…well just look below.>

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