Salvador Dali Museum Wedding | Meaghen and Richie May | 02 | 2013

Meaghen and Richie were just as content to run away together and avoid a big wedding event. Worrying and fussing over such a production did not seem to reflect the depth of this couple who would rather focus on their new life together than being the center of attention.  Going the full event route they decided to have their somewhat un-traditional wedding at St. Petersburg’s Salvador Dali Museum. The unusual  ceremony location took place on the circular staircase that is the focal point of the interior. No wedding isle or typical layout from what most would expect, and for me as well as the guests there was an excitement in the air with an almost  stadium like atmosphere.  Outside the museum produced nothing short of  spectacular visuals for photography and the artsy surroundings for an elegant outdoor reception. Below are a few favorites and a slide show. Special thanks my second shooter Shem Parsons,  the entire staff at the Salvador Dali Museum, DJ Eric with Grand Hemond and Associates, officiant Tom Greene and florals by Delmas, the Flower Booth.

bride getting ready





Hilton Hotel wedding St. Petersburg



Wedding ceremony at the Salvador Dali Museum

Bride on Dali museum staircase





Dali Museum staircase wedding picture

Salvador Dali museum wedding staircase

wedding portrait taken at the Dali Museum

Wedding Portrait Salvador Dali museum

Dali Museum wedding reception





Dali museum wedding

Dali wedding reception


Artsy wedding picture Dali museum

Sandpearl Wedding Clearwater Beach, FL | Allison and Ben April | 12 | 2013

Allison and Ben are as laid back as a wedding couple can get.  With all that happens on a wedding day the second Allison headed down they seem locked into each other and nothing else mattered. For 30 minutes aside from vows and rings it was like no one else was there. Below are a few favorites and the slide show. Special thanks to Michelle and the entire Sandpearl resort staff, Florals and décor by the Brides bouquet.

Groom dressing

Sandpearl wedding day

Sandpearl Wedding03

Sandpearl Wedding04

Sandpearl Wedding05


Bride in hotel room

bride walking down isle

Sandpearl Wedding09

Sandpearl Wedding10

Sandpearl Wedding11

Sandpearl Wedding12

sunset wedding image

Sandpearl Wedding14

Sandpearl Wedding15

Sandpearl Wedding16

Sandpearl Wedding17

Sandpearl Wedding18

Sandpearl Wedding21

Sandpearl Wedding22

Sandpearl Wedding23

Sandpearl Wedding20

Sandpearl Resort Wedding, Clearwater Beach | Jennifer and Stephan March | 31 | 2013


Jennifer and Stephan met on cruise ship where Stephan was working. Of  and on the ship and a couple of chance meetings, one thing led to another and 75 close friends and family headed over to Clearwater to beach for an unforgettable wedding. A few favorites are below.

Sandpearlweddingphoto01 Sandpearlweddingphoto02 Sandpearlweddingphoto03 Sandpearlweddingphoto04

Sandpearlweddingphoto10Sandpearlweddingphoto05 Sandpearlweddingphoto06 Sandpearlweddingphoto07 Sandpearlweddingphoto08 Sandpearlweddingphoto09 Sandpearlweddingphoto11   Clearwater beach sunset wedding

Sandpearlweddingphoto14 Sandpearlweddingphoto15 Sandpearlweddingphoto16 Sandpearlweddingphoto17